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Friday, October 2, 2009

Special request from Geneva


Haha..and old friend..
Hey dude! It's a special entry okek..
The rest..please blame him for making me posting this entry of picas-lapuk-yang-bole-buat-muntah-hijau..haha!~
Not for me of cos..still and always in blissfully-happy--married mode..*smile ear-to-ear* haha!

29.5.2009 | Nikah

30.5.2009 | Sanding

Our wedding dais

7.6.2009 | Bertandang

p/s: I tadek tuka² baju bagai macam Saadah..hehe


  1. Hahahha, Thanks a whole bunch. CONGRATULATIONS!.

    So,enjoy your honeymoon period. Until dapat anak that is!.